Green Electricity

Earn Cash From Making Your Own Green Electricity From Your UK Property!

The UK government have introduced an amazing scheme amongst local councils around the UK. Glass solar panels can be installed onto your properties roof area, and you can start to generate your own electricity from the sun! You can also have a wind turbine as an alternative to solar panels. It is a great method of not only being able to cut down on bills, but of course, to be able to turn your properties roof into a penny generating machine! When you generate your own electric from solar panels or, of course a wind turbine, energy suppliers may actually offer to give you cash in return. It is referred to in the UK as a Feed in Tariff. Schemes have been set up with local councils and electricity companies.


Solar ElectricityUsually, you will receive an amount of cash for each unit of electric that has been generated on your property. This unit is in more technical terms known as the kilowatt per hour. These rates will vary, and are not set for all homes. It depends on the size of the electricity generating system that you have installed the type of technology that has been used to work the system, and the date your system was installed, and of course who installed it to your property. It is also mandatory that you use a certified installer to take care of the job. You also have to of course, seek planning permission prior to doing this on your property.


Want More Info About How To Generate Your Own Electricity?


All you have to do is call your electricity supplier to get more info. You will be able to get payments from the supplier that you are using at the moment, or of course, should you decide that your interests are with another electricity supplier and more cash is to be made and saved by switching, then you are also able to do this.


Not All the Electricity That You Generate Is Used


Sometimes, when you’re lucky enough you will generate more electric than you consume. When this happens, it is of course a great situation for you to be in because you will be in a position to be able to sell back any units of unused power to your electricity company. The company will refer to this as an export tariff, and usually you will get around four point five pence per unit of electric. Some people will only get 3.2pence per unit, it all depends on exactly which type of electricity generating device you have and the date it was installed.

If you would like to read more about this, and find out in more detail just how much you could save and of course make, then head on over to the official UK government website that has been set up specifically to help homeowners learn how to go green when it comes to electric. The site also offers a fantastic calculator that allows you to estimate just how much cash you can make by being on the scheme. So, go on start helping to save the environment today!