Government Healthy Start

Healthy Start Government Ran Scheme Ensures Pregnant Women and Children Get Healthy Food

If you are a UK resident and have children under the age of 18, or you are pregnant with a baby you should qualify for the government ran scheme, Healthy Start. The scheme was set up to offer vouchers for those that qualify to get access to free milk, fruits, vegetables and vitamins. A great scheme if ever there was one. This article covers more information about the scheme, and just how to find out if you qualify for it.

Healthy-StartSo, Just Who Does Qualify for Healthy Start?

  • Those that are about ten weeks into their pregnancy, or have kids that are below the age of four are allowed to obtain the vouchers
  • If you are claiming income support, job seekers allowance, or a low income job seekers allowance then you will also be able to qualify for the scheme
  • Those that get any type of support allowance
  • Families that have an income of less than £16,190 that get working tax credit, and those that receive child tax credit
  • Pregnant women under the age of 18 also qualify for the scheme, even if they are not in receipt of benefits

How Much In Vouchers Does Healthy Start Offer Those That Qualify?

The vouchers that pregnant women will receive each week amount to the total of £3.10. If you have a child under the age of two, however, he or she will get £6.20 each from the scheme. These vouchers enable you to spend them on milk, fruit and vegetables, and of course infant powdered milk formula. The scheme also offers vouchers that can be exchanged in participating stores for vitamins.

The Scheme Strongly Focuses On Promoting Healthy Eating

When the Healthy Start system was started up, it was introduced by the government to ensure that those that couldn’t afford a healthy start to life, could get their hands on healthy foods, just like those that have higher incomes can. It helps to create awareness around the country in health centres about just how easy it is to feed kids a healthy diet, and of course ensure that they can get access to vital vitamins. Some parents really didn’t know about what types of foods to feed their children and this is where the scheme kicked in to ensure that those that do not know about the relevant vitamins and foods to give children, do. The idea of course promotes a healthy life for residents in the UK, and by ensuring that kids and pregnant ladies have access to the vouchers, it is also making sure that people can avoid unnecessary visits to the dentist and doctors, because when you eat well, you live well too.

Of course this article is just a rough guide about the scheme and whom qualifies. If you would like to read more and get access to information about how to apply, and of course where you can redeem your vouchers at, it is best to pay a visit to the NHS ran Healthy Start Website.