Nature Reserves

The Top Ten Nature Reserves in the UK

When It comes to nature reserves, and preserving the countryside, the UK government knows just how important it is to ensure that future generations will be able to see the fantastic nature that’s everywhere around the United Kingdom. We’ve listed what we believe to be the top 10 UK nature reserves. In fact, there are over 100! The RSPB are protecting and performing work to ensure that the sites remain clean, protected and intact for people to enjoy for years to come.

Ashdown Forest

Health ForestThis site is magnificent. Ashdown Forest, is located in the South East of England, and is one fifth of the size of The New Forest. It is actually the largest open heath in the South East side of England. The first has never been farmed, and because of this the area is extremely plentiful when it comes to wildlife. It is a great place to visit if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Ardnamurchan Natural History Centre

The Golden Eagle is a protected species, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see this lovely medieval bird. There are however, a lot of Golden Eagles flying around and making their home out of Ardnamurchan. The visitor centre has been opened up so that those that wish to will be able to use the latest technology to view the eagles as they go about their daily life in a natural habitat.

RSPB Lakenheath Fen

It has been over four hundred years since cranes have mated in the fen, but now you will be able to visit and see nature at its best, with the fens onsite nesting cranes. This is not the only attraction of course; there are marsh harriers, hobbies, reed warblers and much, much more!

Hipswell Habitat and Bramble Wood

This great nature reserve makes a fantastic outing; the woods are laden with bramble and wildlife. It is the perfect site to tour around on a family picnic or hike.

The Broadcroft Quarry Nature Reserve

This fantastic reserve is actually a lime quarry that is no longer used. It stretches out over an amazing five acres of land, and has now been transformed into one of the UK’s best nature reserves. Butterfly and moth lovers from around the globe regularly flock to Broadcroft to feast their eyes on some of the great species that fly around.


Dudley Zoo and Castle

Situated just on top of Dudley town, the 11th century castle lays, also of course, the zoo with heaps of animals to see. The zoo and castle are also home to endangered bats that utilise the limestone caverns that are located below the ground, to make their homes.


Skomer Island

If you are a little adventurous and like the idea of riding on a boat, then you can do so just a short distance off the Pembrokeshire Coast. The island is home to the biggest colony of sea birds that breed in the south of the UK. Puffins can also be seen on the site, from early spring.

Wharncliffe Woods

The woods have some magnificent bike riding paths inside, and there are now 2 great trails that are well marked out. The woods are home to sparrow hawks, buzzards and so much more.

Derbyshire Dales Nature Reserve

Inside the Peak District National Park sits the Derbyshire Dales a Nature Reserve. There are lots of attractions for visitors like a disappearing river, insects, fauna and more!

Hatch Mere Nature Reserve

This great site is actually an SSSI (for those that are not scientifically orientated that stands for a Site of Special Scientific Interest! This is of course because of the sites peat land and open water contents. The area is a breeding ground for species of birds, and over 13 damselfly and dragonfly species have been noted.

So, there you have it 10 nature reserves that you have to see in the UK!