Councils in England Use Innovative Ways to Save the Environment and Cut Down On Waste

In England alone, each year there are one hundred and seventy seven million tonnes of waste. That means that businesses and homes around England lose cash by wasting. This waste doesn’t just cost cash for careless people that prefer to throw, than recycle; it also makes huge environment issues and damages the ozone layer. Waste that is sent to rot on landfill sites, lets off methane gas which is a very powerful greenhouse gas damaging the atmosphere. That is why local councils around the UK have teamed together with the environment agency to take large steps to cut down on waste. This article contains a little bit of info with regards to this.

Recycling Methods in Use

RecyclingEach and every home will have been handed a plastic box to dispose of paper waste, glass waste, aluminium waste and of course food waste. Many will have complained about having to do this, and yes, it can get a little bit annoying, but it is ensuring that the country takes the correct measures to protect the environment for future generations. Call it a way of the government making sure that your kids and their kids will be able to see green fields and smell fresh air with safety!

When you dispose of a glass item, you should make sure to rinse it out, and put it into the appropriate box that had been designated by the local council. Likewise, the same applies to homes that have newspapers, aluminium and of course food waste. You will have to scrape the plate from your food waste into a special little box that is especially there for your wasted food. The idea behind this is so that you get to see just how much food you do waste, and it is a way to try and encourage people to not waste as much, because of course, over time and in-between bin collections, the waste starts to smell. Those that have drinking habits with beer and wine bottles, will of course start to notice that their bin gets high, fast and if the bin man is not due for a few days, short of sticking the rubbish in your neighbours bin, you cannot really drink over your limit, or you will have a small landfill site on your front garden!

Bin bags that are handed out by the local council in England also have bar codes on, that can be scanned and traced back to the area. If you have thrown away items that should have been recycled there are penalty fines that are put into force, and of course financial repercussions, mean that people are a little more willing to help participate in the mandatory recycling scheme.


To find out more about other methods of recycling that the government have started to implement around the country you can read more on their website. It is quite clear though, that the government are taking strong steps to ensure that England gets greener, faster.