Growing Your Own Food!

UK Government Promotes Growing Your Own Food!

Yes, you read the title correctly. Here in the UK the government seems to be up all night creating ideas how to make the country healthier, and of course ensuring that future generations get to see what we once saw. In fact, there are so many innovative ideas floating around at the moment, that the UK could quite easily be one of the healthiest countries around the globe! This article covers a little information about growing your own food. A scheme that the government have implemented to help bring communities together and of course promote health, knowledge about growing food, and of course helping residents to save cash.

Growing FoodA great example of a successful food growing scheme is the Waltham Forest growing program. Residents have gotten together and have started to grow their very own food. They aim to be able to start over 100 successful programs in and around the London area.

It helps residents to save cash on having to purchase food from the supermarket. And also ensures that their diets are healthy, by eating nutritional items that are self-grown. It also of course helps to create an activity of leisure for families and of course singles alike. Many would think that you need a huge garden to take part in such a scheme, but in fact this is not the case. You can do it from your windowsill, your small garden, and even a tiny flowerbed or grow bag!

Schemes like the one work with residents and landlords to help to create more plots to grow food, and make allotments more accessible to people. The staff travel around schools, and groups in the community, talking to residents helping to create garden share schemes too, where locals share their gardens and take turns in watering their crops!

Food is also in demand to be sold, and you do not necessarily have to eat your own produce. In fact, selling your crop could be a nice side earner! The scheme will teach people how to create an income out of selling food. For those that have not got a plot to successfully grown their produce, the staff at the scheme will work closely with them to hand over a plot where people can plant their own food. Also, staff are always keeping an open eye to ensure that there are no large plots of land that are disused, and could otherwise be used as areas to grow vegetables and fruits. If you would like to read more about schemes like this, and are not necessarily in the London area then it is great to visit the UK government’s site that contains a lot more info about the space for food idea. where vital information can be found, should you wish to start implementing this idea into your home or of course on a much larger scale across the community. It’s a fantastic way to be able to meet with your neighbours and become an active member in society.