UK Government Promote Cycling To Work As Opposed To Driving

It has long been known that the impact of global warming is greatly affected by those that decide to use their cars, and step behind the wheel, to pump out petrol fumes. The UK government have been trying to improve the amount of toxic fumes that are set off into the atmosphere, thus trying to ensure that they are kept at a bare minimum, in compliance with global efforts to try and cut down ones carbon footprint. This is of course to help to create a healthier environment, not just in the UK, but of course around the globe.

CyclingSince 1999, an act called the finance act was introduced; this is a tax exemption that can be used by employees each year, to be able to loan a bike and bike safety equipment such as helmets and florescent jackets. This is a completely tax exempt benefit. It was put into place by the governments Go Green transport plan.  There are a lot of guidelines that can be taken into consideration and we have covered a few of them in this article. It is aimed at promoting awareness about the scheme that also benefits not just employees, but employer’s too.

The scheme is applied to all those that are employed in a place of work in the UK, regardless of it being private, public, or of course in the voluntary sector.

  • The employer that loans the equipment should make the equipment readily available for everyone in the company, not just a certain department.
  • A bike can be not just a two wheeled bicycle; it can also be a tricycle, or a bike that has four wheels (not of course a motor car!) Electric bikes are also included in the scheme.
  • Things like belles, bull horns, cycle helmets, lights, dress guards and mudguards are also included in the scheme to. All of the equipment, in order to qualify for the tax redemption must be in compliance with European standard EN 1078. Also items like security locks of bikes and other equipment fall into the tax exemption. A great idea if ever there was one!

The scheme is a great one for those that wish to reduce the impact of their carbon foot print, and of course get fitter too. Cycling to work doesn’t just offer you the chance to save on petrol and get tax exemptions; it also of course helps you to improve on health, and save cash on parking tickets, petrol and the maintenance of your car. When your car is not used as much, it will not require as much maintenance, and the mileage will be kept down too.

Employers that have used the scheme have also noted that employee sickness dropped too because staff were getting fitter, and not feeling the need to call in sick as often. Another fantastic thing about cycling on a bike to work is that you avoid the traffic! So, if you think that the scheme could be beneficial for you, then why not check out more over at the official website.