All Reception Kids in England to Receive Free Meal from Sept 14th 2014

Last September the deputy prime minister, Mr Nick Clegg publically announced plans from the liberal democrats to offer up free school meals for kids that are studying in reception classes in primary schools in England. Those that are in year one and 2 will get free meals, which will total the amount of £400 per annum. This is of course a great saving for those with kids this age that would normally have to fork out from their own back pocket, to line their child’s stomach.

School Healthy FoodThe idea is an attempt from the government to line the stomachs of children, in order to ensure that their brains were well lined too. Kids that attend school and feel hungry and haven’t eaten properly will not learn as much. Nick Clegg said that it made sure that schools promoted healthy eating habits from a young age, and made sure that attention levels in class were boosted.

There have been worries that the funding needed to kick start this scheme, is not going to be able to be obtained, but Mr Clegg is adamant that all kids of the reception age will be able to have free food.

It is also a fantastic way to ensure that the huge gap between those that are just cutting the bread line, and those that have extra cash to spare (the long divide between the rich and the poor in English society), is of course, out ruled, and that equality is promoted. When a child eats correctly, and is filled with a nutritionally balanced meal, he or she will not feel the need to eat junk food. It is a great way of spending money on food, and cutting down on health bills for the government in the future.

Also, of course benefits too. In fact it is quite an innovative method that has been dreamed up by the Liberal Dems to ensure that kids get educated to a higher level, and are less likely to drop out of school and pursue a higher level of education, keeping them out of the state’s income support system later on in life. Also, of course by not being obese and having correct eating habits implanted from a young age, today’s kids will not be the future obese kids that will burden and strain funding on the NHS system.

If the scheme is correctly implemented the benefits of such a scheme will last for decades. The school meals on offer in schools around England have become a recent topic of limelight, ever since TV chef Jamie Oliver highlighted just how poor the meals on offer were. It has been proven that packed lunches are not as healthy and cooked ones are a better option. It has also been noted that those that do not qualify for free school meals already with the states benefit system for low income families are more likely to send their child to school with a packed lunch, to save cash. Only time will tell.


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